Here is the complete list of 2nd blog contest prizes from DaBlogger :

Paypal cash

$50.00 sponsored by DaBlogger

$10.00 sponsored by Yenny Girl

Entrecard credits

2,500 sponsored by DaBlogger

2,500 sponsored by IndoContest

1,000 sponsored by Random Blog

500 sponsored by Theme Lib

One Month Advertising

125 x 125 ad onWP Beginners

125 x 125 ad on Random Blog

125 x 125 ad on DaBlogger

125 x 125 ad on DaBlogger

125 x 125 ad on Another MMO Blog

Text link on Rajaie Talks

Text link on DaBlogger

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Text link on Theme Lib

Paid Reviews

Free review onThou Shall Blog

Free review on DaBlogger

To enter the contest you should earn points, the more points you get, the more chance you have of winning.

Here how you can earn points:

1 point - comment on this post.

2 points - subscribe via email.

5 points - refer a friend to subscribe to Da Blogger Dot Com via email.

10 points - mention the contest in a post on your blog.

20 points - blog about this contest with all sponsor link.

This contest will end September 8th, 2008 and winners will be drawn using Please visit official contest post