:Technorati has been of great use to me while building this blog. Using Technorati has helped me get a better understanding of which content is the most popular, and through examining blog reactions to my posts.

The Technorati Blog Reactions widget is very easy to install in Blogger powered blogs, so if you're interested in adding this link beneath your own blog posts, here is how this can be achieved.

  1. Go to Layout>Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard, and check the "Expand Widget Templates" box.
  2. Find the following line of code in your template (an easy method is to use the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut):

  3. Immediately after this line, copy and paste the following section of code:

    <script src='http://embed.technorati.com/linkcount'
    type='text/javascript'/> <a
    expr:href='&quot;http://technorati.com/search/&quot; + data:post.url'
    rel='linkcount'>View blog reactions</a>

  4. Finally, save your template!

Once you have installed this widget, Technorati will update each individual post featuring this widget to include the number of blog reactions. It may take a few moments to come into effect, so don't worry of you don't see the effects immediately!

I hope this tutorial has been useful for you too! If you've enjoyed this post