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: Site Pagerank/PR is not so important as site views. But every blogger wants that his site has a decent Pagerank/PR. So he can get money by viewing TLA (Text-link-ads) or selling links from his site, or banners. Pagerank/PR is important in Making money and in SEO. Here are some ways to increase your site Pagerank/PR:

- Submitting your site in Free or Payable Directories
- Buying PageRank links
- Reviewing your site in high PR sites
- Posting guest posts in other blogs
- In this topic i will show you some high Pagerank/PR Free Directories, which are good to “run” your site and increase Pagerank/PR. There are thousand of Free Directories, so I will show you just the most popular and Directories with high Pagerank/PR. Read on.

First look this two sites, thatI think are worth looking. You can see a lot of popular Directories here.


And here is the list of Free Directories that I found on forums and other blogs, so take some time and Submit your site:

PageRank 1:

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